The five main causes for carpet discoloration

Color DiscolorationCarpets are beautiful floor features that can instantly change the overall ambiance of any household or place of work. However on the downside, carpets are demanding features that if you don’t take good care of will certainly lose their curb appeal and therefore soil the interior feeling of your office or home. One of the main causes for a carpet to lose its appearance is discoloration and this is why we have decided to list down the top causes of discoloration so that you can prevent it from happening.

  1. Yellowing – Carpets that are placed in rooms without any natural light tend to develop a yellowing over their surface over time. The main causes for the yellowing are the BHT that is present in the carpet pads and the adhesives that keep the carpet fibres into the carpet backing. The lack of natural light and the presence of moisture allow the adhesives and BHT to change into a gas that causes the yellowing. The easiest way to deal with yellowing is to treat your carpet with a solution of citric acid. Another option is to use the services of a cleaning company as Cleaners Lewisham that offers professional carpet cleaning services.
  2. Greying – Greying occurs on carpets that are placed in high traffic areas. The greying is caused from the soiling and abrasion that happen when people walk over the carpet. An easy way to prevent greying is to place a runner over the area of the carpet that is exposed to heavy traffic. Frequent vacuuming is also an effective way to battle greying.
  3. Browning – Browning is caused by fibres or carpet backings that contain cellulosic fibres. The browning isn’t noticeable at first and most people tend to notice it after their carpet has been the subject of a professional carpet cleaning. The only way to remove browning from your carpet is to treat your carpet with acetic acid.
  4. Bleaching – Fertilizer spills and ice-melting chemicals are the number one reason for bleaching on carpets. Bleaching is without a doubt the hardest discoloration problem to fix. So don’t waste time trying to solve the problem on your own. Instead seek the help of professionals that provide carpet cleaning services.
  5. Fading – Carpets that are exposed to too much natural light tend to fade. Once a carpet has faded the process is irreversible. However there are ways to prevent fading and the simplest is to limit the exposure to sunlight by pulling-in your window treatments. Another approach is to regularly wash your carpet with a specialized colour protective washing solution.

Now that you know what are the main causes for carpet discoloration you can take all the necessary precautions to protect your carpet and prolong its lifespan. Also as we mentioned in the article several times, don’t hesitate to use professional carpet cleaning services is you are not up to the task of restoring the original appearance of your carpet. Know that cleaning companies work with affordable prices nowadays, so don’t be afraid that you may have to break bank in order to benefit from high quality cleaning services.

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