How to clean light coloured carpets

Carpet DiscolorationNot long ago people avoided buying light coloured carpets because stains on light coloured carpets are particularly noticeable and to make things worse, light coloured carpets were hard to clean. But today things have changed and the cleaning of light coloured carpets has become an easy task which can be handled in a matter of minutes. So if you have recently bought a light coloured carpet and you are wondering how exactly you should maintain it clean, keep reading because we have posted a very helpful tutorial for you.

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Common liquid spills:

  1. The trick in cleaning light coloured carpets is to treat the spills as soon as they occur. So as soon as you spill something on your carpet, grab a clean absorbent cloth and gently blot any excess spills quickly. Work carefully or you may push the spills deeper into the carpet.
  2. Next make your own carpet cleaning solution by mixing liquid dish washing detergents with warm water. Once the mixture is ready, blot the problematic area and rinse. Try not to get the carpet backing wet. When you are done, fold several paper towels and place them on the wet spot to absorb the residual moisture. If necessary weight down the paper towels in place.
  3. Grab an old toothbrush and wet it. Next rub the toothbrush on a bar of soap until foams appears and then apply the foam and the problematic area and start scrubbing with the toothbrush. When done, once again rinse the treated area and place paper towels to absorb any residual moisture.

Ink spills and stains: You can remove ink spills and stains from your light coloured carpet by spraying hair spray over the soiled area and then blotting with a paper tower. Don’t use too much hair spray as it will worsen things. Also if necessary repeat the entire process. If after the second try the ink spill or stain is still present, contact a cleaning company like Carpet Cleaning Uxbridge that provides carpet cleaning services and hire it to come and take care of the problem.

Mud stains: Use white, foamy shaving cream to treat mud stains. Allow the shaving cream to sit for five to ten minutes before you blot it. Once again is necessary repeat the procedure and don’t be hesitant to use carpet cleaning services is the mud stains are persistent.

Grease stains: Grab a cup and fill it half way with water. Then add the same amount of ammonia into the water and drop several drops of liquid detergent into the mixture. Then soak a clean absorbent cloth into the mixture and treat the stained area. If you have a wet vac use it to extract as much of the stain as you can before you apply the grease remover. Know that you will most likely have to repeat the process several time before the grease stain is removed completely.

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